Pakistan Engineering Council
Fresh Graduate's First Internship
Mechanism for Fresh Graduate's First Internship:
  1. Registration by applicants through submission of data including Discipline, Domicile, location & Area of Interest along with CV
  2. Segregation of Data in the form of Discipline, Domicile, Location & Area of Interest by PEC for employers.
  3. Access of applicant’s pool to interested Employers as per their need/ requirement (industry, technical organization, HEIs, R&D, Services, marketing).
  4. Selection of applicants by the employers themselves through profile/ CV review and Interview (if needed).
  5. Employers will share the list of selected candidates to PEC for formal notification.
  6. After approval of PEC, the selected candidates will be notified
  7. Release of salary by PEC to the concerned employers for their selected Trainee Engineers.
  8. Acknowledgement of salary paid to the Trainee Engineers must be submitted to PEC by the Employers
  9. After completion of six-month duration, employer will submit a feedback report as per PEC format.
  10. Experience Certificate will be issued by PEC to Trainee Engineers on successful completion, in consultation with respective Employer.